Public Booking

You enter on the public page for booking on the Gouter Hut as individual alpinists.

For professionals: You need to use your ‘professional account’ to proceed with the booking.

Opening date and timetable of the "Tramway du Mont-Blanc" here >>>

Public online booking will open at two dates:
- 10th of april 2018
- 15th of may 2018

Professionnal online booking will open the 12th of december 2017 at 8h30 in the professionnal online booking page.

Due to the update of the secured online payment interface, it's important to update your web browser. People who use the following web browser versions won't be able to book:

  • IE version inferior to 10
  • Default web browser for Android version inferior or equal to 4.4
  • Safari version inferior to 11
  • Chrome version inferior to 32
  • Mozilla FireFox version inferior to 26

Online booking will be accessible on this page the 15th of may at 8:30 AM